Protecting the North

Protecting the North

We believe cyclone resilience and mitigation is key to building stronger communities and better protecting ourselves against natural disasters.

#Performance Highlights


Customer policies received premium reduction from Cyclone Resilience Benefit

Each year, communities along Queensland’s northern coastline brace themselves for storm and cyclone season. Suncorp believes that with planning and preparation, the risk is reduced, and homes and communities are safer. 

Our Protecting the North program aims to reduce the damage cyclones can cause to houses, as well as making insurance more accessible with new, innovative products and features. We partnered with the Cyclone Testing Station (CTS) at James Cook University (JCU) and Urbis to analyse insurance claims data so we can better understand cyclone vulnerabilities in homes, and what we can do to make them stronger. 


older homes in north Queensland may not be up to cyclone standard


claims involve damage that could be prevented by planning and preparation


in benefits can be achieved for every $1 invested in resilience depending on retrofit undertaken

Already as result of Protecting the North, more than 40,000 policyholders have reduced home insurance premiums from various resilience improvements, more than 1,200 residential buildings in north Queensland have cheaper insurance policies with resilience features, and the concept of stronger, retrofitted homes as a form of mitigation is becoming recognised in Government policy-making at all levels.

#Our Protecting the North program includes:


Recognising cyclone mitigation work

Our research shows that simple, low-cost mitigation can pay for itself after just one cyclone. Our Cyclone Resilience Benefit rewards customers in North Queensland with premium reductions of up to 20 per cent for making their homes more cyclone resilient.


Suncorp Strata Insurance

Our strata insurance product provides cover for small residential strata titled properties, community titled properties or residential properties associated with a body corporate or owner’s corporation (up to 10 units or $5 million sum insured).


Affordable insurance for low income earners

Suncorp teamed up with Good Shepherd Microfinance to offer low-income earners with contents and motor cover from as little as $4 a week. The award-winning Essentials was created to provide better access to affordable, easy-to-understand products via a trusted network of providers.


Affordable finance options

Suncorp provides a no-fee, low-interest bank loan designed to help North Queensland customers finance mitigation improvements made to their homes to make them more resilient to cyclone damage. The new low-cost personal loan features an interest rate of 4.99 per cent per annum and Suncorp waives all establishment and account keeping fees